Happy customers are loyal customers, they say, but how do you create customers that are happy enough to return after the holiday season? Simple. Treat them right and give them what they want.

Treat Them Right

The rise of Yelp is a perfect example of how important customer service is to the average shopper. Give a shopper a great experience and they will be longtime customers. Give them a mediocre or poor experience and they will shred your store publicly on social media.

This holiday season, make sure that your customer service goes above and beyond what your competitors offer:

  • Add a coupon or small trinket with every purchase as a thank you gift
  • Offer free gift wrapping or delivery
  • Give shoppers free shipping on more expensive purchases
  • Allow your customers to contact your business through a variety of ways, such as live chat, email, phone and traditional mail
  • Ensure that your website works quickly and bug-free

Give Them What They Want

Nothing feels better than going shopping and getting exactly what you want. No matter what you sell, you can make your customer feel like they won the shopping game with some incentives. For example, offer deep discounts when your customer purchases more than one item. Customers love buy-one-get-one free offers as well.

Loyalty cards are another great way to create return customers. Have business card-sized loyalty cards printed up and be sure to offer them to every customer during the holiday season. When the customer receives their card, make sure to give it a punch or stamp right away so the customer feels like she is already ahead of the game. Make sure your loyalty incentive is something that your customers will want to strive for. Free items are always the best incentives because people, of course, like things that are free. A discount really isn’t motivating when a customer can get a discount on a similar item at another store without a loyalty card.

Coupons are another big draw, too. Offer coupons with each holiday purchase that offers shoppers a discount that they can redeem on their next purchase. Make sure that the coupon can be redeemed after the holiday season is over.

Keep your holiday momentum going by keeping your shoppers coming back after the New Year. All it takes is a little something extra to make your shoppers remember you.

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